Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Printed baby bib Diy

Some of my most fondest memories as a child were creating crafts with my mother.
One craft that was one of my favourites is potato stamping. I decided to try this same
technique on fabric baby bibs. This is a simple yet effective technique that anyone
can use.


What you will need and how to DIY:

Packet of 7 baby bibs from Kmart $5 | Heat set fabric paint $20 | potato | knife | brush | bowl

Cut the potato in half and using a marker create a shape. Using the knife, cut the shape out.

I decided to brush the paint onto the potato instead of dipping it in the bowl because the consistency was too thick and the paint was going on uneven.
Press the potato onto the bib pressing hard to ensure the paint is transferred evenly. You can use other objects to create patterns. I used the end of the paintbrush to create little polka dots. 
Allow to dry overnight.
To set the paint use a hot iron (cotton setting) over the fabric. I used a piece of calico over the bib to protect the iron in case any accidents happened. I ironed the bib for 3-5 minutes.


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