Thursday, 28 March 2013

DIY Ombre dyed eggs

I can remember painting eggs at Easter time with my family and it was something I really enjoyed. As an adult I still have the urge to paint eggs during the time of Easter and felt I should continue the tradition but with a mature twist. I have currently been obsessed with the subtle colour change of ombre and really wanted to give it a go on some hard boiled eggs.
This is a DIY for ombre dyed hard boiled eggs.

Have a happy Easter.

What you will need and how to DIY:

Several hard boiled eggs, a deep bowl and food colouring of your choice. I chose a blue food dye and added a few drops of black food colouring. You will also require a blob of sticky blue tac and skewer. 

Attach the skewer to the top of the egg with the blue tac. 

Fill your small bowl with water and add a few dashes of vinegar, then add a few drops of colouring. Test the colour of the water with some paper and add more colouring until paper is stained with a vibrant colour. You may wish to pre-soak the eggs in a weak coloured solution before adding it to the skewer so that no natural colour remains. 
Dip the egg into the strong solution and leave for less than one second and let to dry. You may place the egg on a cup hanging by the skewer to collect the drips. When dry, dip the egg into the solution again, this time dipping it less in and for longer. Continue this process until you reach the bottom of the egg. When dry, use a damp tissue to polish and blend the dye so there are no harsh lines.



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