Friday, 20 September 2013

DIY Layered Pinata Cake

This year I turned 22 and wanted to make myself a cake that was both mature and fun. Embracing my Latino culture, I decided to made a piñata cake. I chose to keep the cake completely white so when opened, a lovely surprise of colourful lollies would spurt out. To see how I made it, view the DIY below the images.

What you will need and how to DIY:

Two packets of cake mix, black colour gel, 2 cake tins of the same size, lots of frosting, skewers, string and washi tape. 
Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took these photos at 10pm in a dark kitchen.

Follow the instructions of the cake mixes, I made one first and then for the second one added black colour gel. Follow all instructions and after you take the cakes out of the oven cover them in cling wrap. This is done to soften any crunchy bits on the outside, making it easier to cut.
To make the layers you can use a knife or a cake layer cutter like the one pictured above. When all layers are cut, place the bottom layer on your cake stand and make a layer of frosting. Repeat for the remaining levels except for the top layer, leave the last layer off (I forgot this step). 

To make the hole for the lollies I used a tall glass and just pushed it down layer by layer leaving one layer on the bottom. Now there is a hole for all the lollies. Don't pack the lollies in too much otherwise they won't spurt out when you cut the cake, just leave some room in the hole. 
Place the last layer on top as a lid and start your frosting. It doesn't have to be neat if you like the rustic look. Leave some frosting for the piping. 
Clean the base to make neat and ready for the piping.
For the piping I used a star nozzle, again not making it perfect. 

Bunting Flag Topper

Cut two skewers to the size you like, taking into consideration the depth that will be in the cake. Then add the tape to the string by folding over the string. Make the gaps even and add as many as you'd like.
Place all the tape pieces over each other and cut the bottoms to make an even length. Then cut two diagonal slots to make the flag shape. All the flags should be the same size now. 
Add the string to the skewers, measure it to the cake so its not too long.

Happy cake making! 

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